The One with the “They All Hate Us” Fashion Event


The One with the “They All Hate Us” Fashion Event


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Oh WOW, what an amazing experience!!!


I never mentioned this to you guys but when I came back home from my trip to Darwin, I had found out that the Canberra Centre was holding a “Fashion Workshop” which was being hosted by Sarah Kelly from My Fashion Empire who was interviewing the amazing ladies behind “They All Hate us”, named Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton!


The workshop basically revolved around fashion, obviously! It was a fantastic 90 minutes of my life and I wish I could replay it over and over again.


Who knew that the two most amazing fashionista’s of Australia could be so down to earth and humble?


Elle and Tash talked about what inspired them to start their “They All Hate Us” blog as well as the meaning behind their name which by the way is a funny story and not even the slightest in a negative way.


The workshop then followed by introducing three gorgeous models that Elle and Tash had styled prior to the event to introduce their favourite pieces that are not only in trend but also provide versatility as well as allowing us attendee’s to ask Elle and Tash any questions that we may have. I saved my question for later when I had a spare moment with just Elle and Tash after the Q&A session.


Elle and Tash had provided advice and preached authenticity as well as empowering women which is a fantastic trait to have and highly recommended. I also loved that Elle and Tash did not approach this workshop as a job but as a gathering with a big group. You could tell that they were very happy to be in the company of us and enjoyed having us present.


I love that They All Hate Us isn’t afraid to shop for affordable brands rather then designer brands. This is the type of approach I wanted to achieve for my blog. I wanted to provide realistic fashion inspiration for my readers so they too are able to shop where I shop. As much as I’d love to buy a Sass & Bide piece or those amazing Sophia Webster heels, my pay cheque just doesn’t cut it. The wonderful thing is, a lot of other retailers are designing replica’s of expensive designers for us broker girls.


Anyway, that approach didn’t happen… Social media got the better of me and I thought to succeed I had to have all the expensive designer brands otherwise I wouldn’t get anywhere. However, after Saturday I no longer think like that and Elle and Tash has proven that authenticity and being yourself will get you far in your career.


Obviously, there is nothing wrong to buy an expensive brand every now and again but invest in those timeless pieces rather then ones that you will only wear once.


Well that concludes to my afternoon spent with the amazing and gorgeous ladies from They All Hate Us. Everything mentioned in this blog about what the ladies had discussed in the workshop was only half of it. I wish you all could have been there because it was truly an amazing and informative experience that I can take with me for my future.


If you haven’t heard of these incredible ladies yet then please do check out their blog as well as follow their “They All Hate Us” instagram page and personal page which I have linked accordingly for you down below.


“They All Hate us”



Thank you for reading, until next time,




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Find out what I wore here.

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